Garage D'Or

Three families, three men, one dream.

In the tightness of their home kitchen, storm clouds start to gather over the heads of Bruno, Lothar and Hermann, intensifying the wish to flee from everything worldly: their demanding wives, their disobedient children, their apparently failed existences. Driven by impossible desires, they thrust open a door which they are unable to close again from then on. Their quest leads them through the unimaginable expanse of space, and into the darkest depths of their own selves. GARAGE D'OR portrays the helplessness of fathers, the power of circumstances and the urge to be free.

In this new production, Familie Flöz makes further advances into the wide world that lies beyond words, and into exploring an international theatrical language. The masks turn into seismographs of the human soul, moving the audience to tears of laughter in one moment and making time seemingly stand still in the next.