Dr Nest wins Audience Award...

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... @Festival Almada in Portugal. If you missed it, Dr Nest will be touring around Europe in 2018/19! For more information and exact dates click here

Workshop in February 2019

From 15th to 17th of February 2019 Familie Flöz will offer the first workshop of the season 2018/19. Under the title ‚From the Neutral to the Character Mask‘ Andrés Angulo from the Flöz family will explore the transition from the neutral to the character mask with the participants. The basic principles of mask play will be taught and developed: body, movement, breathing and timing. 
Maximum number of participants: 15 
Location: Berlin
Costs: 250€
Application: info@floez.net

Summer Academy 2019

foto_valeria tommasolu

The registration for the 13th Flöz Summer Academy starts on 24th of November 2018!
Under the Italian sun of San Giusto we would like to share our fascination for the world of masks, which we have been living for more than 20 years now, and teach our experiences in this field.
For more information: www.floez-akademie.net
Application (with CV and letter of motivation): info@floez.net



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