Theatre in the theatre

A fantastic ensemble excels in breathtaking fighting scenes, deadly intrigues and heartbreaking arias of world-famous plays. Night by night they steer towards unprecedented triumphs. That is on one side. On the other side three stage technicians work in the backstages' darkness. Their lives, which usually remain hidden, now recede into the light.
Familie Flöz has created a small family, whose home is the theatre itself: the efficient Bob is young, strong and unpredictable; the chronically tired and sickly Bernd is constantly bossed around and the idle, always hungry Ivan is permanently anxious not to loose control over the shows.

Separated from the radiant stars on stage by nothing more than a sparse scenery the three untiring helpers are fighting for their own happiness in a different universe. Yet in a magical way the glamorous world of pretence connects and is blended with the down to earth life backstage.
TEATRO DELUSIO is once again the art to say everything without a single word.


★★★★★ Teatro Delusio is evocative and absolutely hilarious. Not many shows can make you bell laugh one moment and the next, cry over a sock puppet.

Edinburgh Guide

★★★★★ « Familie Flöz’s magnificent production of Teatro Delusio is an absolute triumph. This is masked theatre at the very pinnacle of the genre and is an absolute joy to watch. (...) The three performers richly deserved the enthusiastic and sustained applause of the capacity audience. This is one performance you should not miss — it’s superb. »

British Guide 

Wordless and yet somehow so expressive, full of yearning and yet also filled with joy; this is splendid and immensely skillful character comedy.

The Guardian

★★★★★ « Familie Flöz lift the curtain on an utterly convincing meta-theatre of delusion, where backstage is brought gloriously into the spotlight as theatrical technicians — for once — stand centre stage. (...) this is a theatrical triumph without compare. »

The Sunday Time

April 2024
Stuttgart | de

A Familie Flöz production with Theaterhaus Stuttgart

A PLAY BY Paco González, Björn Leese, Hajo Schüler, Michael Vogel

WITH Andrès Angulo / Björn Leese / Dana Schmidt, Daniel Matheus / Johannes Stubenvoll / Michael Vogel, Sebastian Kautz / Thomas van Ouwerkerk / Hajo Schüler

PREMIERE 18 February 2004, Glashaus Arena Berlin, Germany

DIRECTION Michael Vogel
MASKS Hajo Schüler
SET DESIGN Michael Vogel
COSTUMES Eliseu R. Weide
SOUND DESIGN Dirk Schröder
LIGHT DESIGN Reinhard Hubert
SOUND TECHNICIANS Florian Mönks, Thomas Wacker
GRAPHICS Silke Meyer