Mask music theatre on the high seas

With the dream of saving the world, a girl boards Captain Nemo's "Nautilus." However, the famous ship has long since become a museum. The aging crew does everything possible to make their retirement as enjoyable as possible. Attempts at communication lead to nothing, they get entangled in trivialities - but they are all in the same boat. Family Flöz weaves a poetic and absurdly comical story through silent play and musical fantasy language. Singers and an instrumental ensemble bring the mysterious world of the sea to life.


This is not a bow to Erik Satie, nor is it gimmickry, but rather a loving homage to one of the greats of musical humor.


Basler Zeitung

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in cooperation with Theater Basel

Opera loosely based on ‹20 000 Leagues under the Sea› by Jules Verne, with music by Erik Satie and Daniel Ott

devised by:  Fabian Baumgarten, Lei-Lei Bavoil, Anna Kistel, Daniel Ott, Hajo Schüler, Mats Süthoff and Michael Vogel
Direction, Masks: Hajo Schüler
Set Design: Simeon Meier
Costumes: Mascha Schubert
Komposition: Daniel Ott
Light Design: Mario Bubic
Dramaturgy: Meret Kündig
Performers: Fabian Baumgarten, Lei-Lei Bavoil, Anna Kistel,  Mats Süthoff, Michael Vogel
Sopran: Natalia Sanchez
Mezzosopran: Clara Rueff
Countertenor: Daan van der Schaft, Julian Schmidlin
Saxophone: Alejandro Oliván López, Luis Homedes Lopez, Miguel Fernández, Marcus Weiss, Remo Schnyder, Philippe Körper
Percussion: Alexandre Ferreira Silva, Mikolaj Rykowski
Electric Guitar: Mauricio Grandinetti, Chris Moy
Assistance Direction Berlin: Katrin Kats, Jelle de Wit
Assistance Direction Basel: Ulrike Jühe
Assistance Costumes: Marion Czyzykowski
Production Manager: Anna Crespo Palomar

In cooperation with the Hochschule für Musik, Klassik FHNW

With the kind support of Novartis