or: about provisional life

Somewhere between heaven and hell. In the middle of the universe and yet in the middle of nowhere: Ristorante Immortale. Everyday this microcosmos opens its doors. A place without meaning, but with an untiring staff! A young, naive newcomer, with daffodils in his hand, who hopes to herald in a new era  but quickly learns to conform. The vain ambitious headwaiter, who dreams of taking over the restaurant, needing to be the centre of attention, and constantly overshoots his mark. The boss, who valiantly carries all responsibility and steadfastly hopes that his business may flourish, although appearances go against it. And the senior waiter almost part of the furniture who should have retired long ago; only his idleness keeps him bound to this lost place. Last but not least the fat female chef, who, like a messenger from another world lives behind the serving hatch in the kitchen. She is her only customer and with lots of time to spare makes music on her accordion, and manages to prepare a fine musical feast at the side of the lost battlefield.
Just as the days seem to turn in circles, so do the characters.

In a world where life pivots around itself, a weird labyrinth of relationships, fears and dreams develops. The restaurant is the destiny of each of its inhabitants of their dreams, of their memories  of themselves.



A PLAY BY AND WITH: Björn Leese, Hajo Schüler, Ilka Vierkant, Michael Vogel, Paco Gonzáles

PREMIERE : 1998, Maschinenhaus Essen

DIRECTION Michael Vogel
CO-DIRECTION Markus Michalowski
MASKS Michael Vogel
SET DESIGN Michael Vogel, Stephan Grebe
MUSIC Daniel Ott, Ilka Vierkant
LIGHT DESIGN Reinhard Hubert, Jan Steinfatt